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The CLUB  in detail


Indoor arena 80 x 40 m   

•Jumping outdoor arena 80 x 40 m   

•Outdoor covered flat work arena 65 x 40 m  

•Indoor round pen, 20 m diameter  

•Outdoor Havrincourt round pen 36 x 18 m  

•Gallop track 600 m  

•Hunter trail in the woods  

•Indoor swimming pool for the well-being and treatment of the horse  

•Huge extra paddocks for those wishing to provide their horses with greater freedom or put them out with other horses


All arenas and round pens lit and fenced, stabilised, drained and watered allowing

the equestrian activities at all times and in all weather conditions. 


62 stalls

each stall with a surface of 360 sq m:

40 sq m inside the stable

320 sq m as individual paddock

The stalls are the pride of this equestrian centre with its 40 sq m each which allow the horse

to move easily and lie down to confortably rest.  

The stall flooring is covered with a special mat made with pieces of high density

caoutchou covered with a high density foam to provide great comfort, preserve the joints,

improve the quality of rest, ensure excellent insulation and reduce litter consumption.

The individual paddock allows the horse to go outside, freely move and socialize with other horses.

 The entrance flooring to the paddock is covered with anti-slip draining paving and a roof (5 m long) protects the horse during bad weather conditions or when too much sunny and hot.

The paddock are fenced with 1.8 m high fence and stabilized, drained and watered.

Each stall is equipped with independent ceiling lights and is video-controlled (remotely, too).



•6 tack rooms fully equipped and furnished

•Several storage rooms for rider and horse equipment

•Elegant changing rooms, bathrooms,

showers for ladies and gentlemen

•Fitness area


•Swimming pool to be enjoyed

with family and friends

•Stylish furnished club house

with kitchen and bar

•Private events hall for members only

and their family, friends, guests

The club is a place to enjoy with family, friends or business guests.

An oasis of elegance, beauty and peace.


In addition, for the riders  

The BARAGIOLA PRIVATE EQUESTRIAN CLUB offers an equestrian academy with:

  • theoretical and practical online courses

  • theoretical and practical clinics organized throughout the year on a regular basis

  • tailor-made courses

thanks to Italian and international industry professionals​

The main topics covered:

  • horse education, from foal to adult

  • horse training for show jumping and dressage

  • pairing training in competition

  • horse ethology, ethics and welfare

  • focus on horse, rider safety

  • and so much more...


All site is fenced and video-controlled.

Access is allowed to members only and their family, friends, guests.


We offer our customers personalized services to ensure maximum freedom in horse management.

Expert staff present on site 24 hours a day.

Image by Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho


We accompany you together with your horse in the transition phase and getting used to a large box, the paddock and the management of sociability between horses and staff.



For the daily management of the horse, we offer numerous customizable packages, from box management to ground and mounted work.

Image by Joao Viegas

Experienced and
specialized staff

Expert personnel are available for the daily management of the horse, for its nutrition and for its physical and mental well-being.


Furnished apartments with kitchen and bathroom and every comfort!

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