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Why would you choose the Baragiola equestrian club?

Horses have not chosen to spend their lives with us, to engage in sport competitions and to be confined to a box.

Our duty, as horse owners, is to educate ourselves and offer them a quality of life that is as close as possible to their ethological needs

and therefore to guarantee horses the possibility of expressing their natural behaviour.

In the absence of these conditions, welfare of the horse will not be respected.

A unique home for your horse

Our single stall has a surface of 360 sq m: 

40 sq m inside the stable and

320  sq m as individual and exclusive 

paddock for each horse!


The first impression in any stable is the sadly small size of the boxes and the imposed impossibility for horses to socialize due to walls and lack of openings to the outside. 

The minimum size of a box should be 4 x 4 m and there are few stables that comply with it.

The fundamental needs of a stabled horse are to move freely, to sleep lying down - in safety, avoiding injuries -, to socialize, and to have unlimited access to fibers and water.


The size of the box, which must be large, is the first step forward. 

The choice of partition walls, allowing continuous social interaction, is a second step.

Free and direct access to the paddock is a third step forward.

With these 3 measures, we have given the horse freedom of movement and social interactions.

An additional touch would be to allow the horse to spend time in the paddock with another horse!

 Fibers and water should be available h24 (by carefully evaluating the nutritional needs of each individual horse).

Nothing can be left to chance, but everything managed and evaluated with professionalism and scientific bases by expert personnel. 

Owners and horses accompanied and gradually accustomed to change, always keeping in mind that each horse is unique and requires special and exclusive solutions and attention.

Much more is available for horses and for those owners who wish to invest more in their well-being:

very large paddocks rich in activities to ensure locomotor needs, feeding behavior and social interactions.

A serene and balanced horse in psycho-physical health is a stronger, better performer and a long lasting athlete.

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